Saturday, September 27, 2008


After being pregnant, having babies, and nursing for almost 3 straight years, we took 2007 off. But now we're back in the game! Lindsey is pregnant and due April 24! She has been nauseous and sick, but not too bad (for example, this is the first time she has actually gained weight in her first trimester, albeit not even a pound). We are excited to add a new cute face to our family!

The Puyallup Fair

For those of you not from Washington, it is pronounced "pew-al-up". Scott got us from free tickets to the fair one afternoon, so we drove that evening to the fair. By the time we arrived it was dark and all of the rides were lit up. Easton seeing this sight exclaimed, "Look, its Disneyland!" (Have we warped our kid or what?!) The boys had a great time looking at the animals, the giant pumpkins, and just the people and lights and sounds. It is a perfect family activity! We also splurged and got an elephant ear. (Also for those of you who do not know what that is, it is basically a flat churro about the size of your mid-section, and the best tasting thing on the planet.) We were so glad to take our kids while they are still young and just appreciate everything to look at and weren't begging us to buy things, ride rides, or play fair games. Thier enjoyment came from trying to milk a fake cow, and throwing hay at all of the animals.

Our 1st Camping Trip

We went on our ward campout the second week of September. It was at Zion's Camp up in the Olympic Mountains just right up the road from Hood Canal. The weather was beautiful and the boys loved every minute of exploring and running around in the great outdoors. We also got to break in all of our brand new camping gear that we got for Christmas last year. The boys slept great in thier sleeping bags and loved being around the camp fire. We even got to go canoeing on the lake. We had a great time!