Monday, May 27, 2013


We knew we were going to be here for memorial day weekend, and the kids had 5 days off (more furloughs).  So we booked a camp site just a half hour from our house.  We hadn't been camping as a family since I was pregnant with Max.  It was so much fun!  The boys loved the campfire, going on nature hikes, and eating all the yummy camp food.  Ginny had fun too.  I was pretty nervous about the sleeping part of the campout, but she did great and eventually fell asleep and slept good for the night.  She was a little afraid of the fire, though, and kept backing away from it saying "hot, hot!"  Our campout was a success, and we'll definitely be doing this more often.
Beautiful view of the Willamette River.

So filthy, but so happy!


This little guy was awesome to watch.
They could have watched him all day!

Portland Zoo

The kids had a furlough day on my birthday, so I thought it would be great to take them to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day, and so, naturally, it was packed!  But we had a great time.  Max was a big boy and walked the whole time instead of riding in the stroller.  Ginny was pretty taken with the sea lions.  Easton kept us on track with the map.  And Luke kept us all comically informed with his National Geographic animal commentary and fun facts.
I did not notice this face on Max while I was taking the picture.

And yes, Luke knows all the names of the different kinds of penguins.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another new home!

On Thursday, the close of our sale in Hermiston was final.  On Friday, we submitted our offer on the home we want to purchase.  Yesterday, all the paperwork was signed and accepted.  We are building another new house in Dayton.  I am excited to start fresh again, and just feel settled in our new neighborhood.  Scott is excited about doing another entire yard again (sense the sarcasm?).  The boys are all excited about their big new room and that this house has stairs.  And I'm sure Ginny will have lots of fun exploring and getting into things once we move in.  We feel so blessed that the timing worked out, and that we won't be in a rental for long. (Est. completion end of June).
Excuse the cars in the photo, the neighbors were hosting a BBQ.