Thursday, January 31, 2008

Its February already?!

Holy cow! January just flew by, and lots of things happened in the Pingel household. Scott turned 27 on the 9th, he's so old! :) Now that I'm not babysitting anymore I have more time to get out of the house. It seems me and the boys are always doing something. Luke is now 15 months old and climbing up onto things, and talking up a storm. He says about 50 words, mimics his parents and his wise older brother, and can already string two words together. (Something that Easton could do starting only 6 months ago). My favorite was this morning after Scott changed his diaper and went to throw it away and he said "Daddy, diaper!" Although it sounds more like dypo. Easton only has about 2.5 inches and 2.5 pounds on his younger brother and wherever we go I'm asked if they are twins. (Which still baffles me because they look nothing like twins nor like the same age even). Easton began potty training this month and we just finished the 3rd week into it. He wears underwear all day and rarely has an accident. He hasn't acheived going #2 on the potty yet, but he gladly goes #1 whenever I tell him its time. (He hasn't mastered telling me he needs to go either, but he's getting there). The new year also made him the only kid in nursery, for now that is, there are 2 other kids but they only come about once a month. Luke will join him mid-April though. I also tried something I haven't done since about the 3rd grade, I got bangs! I like the change and Scott tells me all day long how hot I look with them. I'm not sure this will last forever but I like to try new things with my hair. Also, along with Scott's benefits for the year, we get gym memberships for dirt cheap (about $20/month for the whole family) so we've enjoyed taking turns to go work out at nights, I take the boys walking on the indoor track during the day, Scott plays basketball during lunch breaks or in the early morning before work, and we've all enjoyed the swimming complex as a family (complete with waterslides, kiddy play area, and lazy river). We're looking forward for February to bring us warmer weather, longer day light hours, and a nice fat tax refund!

Monday, January 7, 2008

More Disneyland Pictures

Disneyland Day 2

The second day at Disneyland, the characters were all right inside the gate when we entered, so we got those pictures right away. The boys really got into the characters!! We also went to California adventure the second day. The boys had a great time on the bug' life rides. The highlight of the day was taking Easton and Ryan on Autopia. Easton still remembers his black car he got to drive. He was more content for those 10 minutes than the whole trip. We finished the day by taking the boys to Toon Town where Easton and Ryan rode the Go Coaster with their moms. Easton was pretty pleased with himself when he got off the ride.

Disneyland Day 1

The first day at Disneyland was great!! It was sunny and 75 degrees in Anahiem. We went on all the kiddie rides right off the bat like Nemo, Dumbo, the Carousel, etc. The boys were very well behaved. We really couldn't have asked for more from them. Lately, Luke is the happiest kid on earth as long as he isn't strapped down, so we got him a little bear leash that he wore like a backpack. This only worked for so long, however, because he discovered he was on a leash and wanted to venture further away, but he was still pretty easy the first day. Easton was excited to meet Tigger and Eeyore, two of his favorites, but I think he was nervous about how big they were. Easton was also just tall enough to go on the Matterhorn. He was nervous while we were on the ride, but he was pretty excited that he had done it once we got off. The day went great until Lindsey, Pete (Lindsey's dad) and I went on Splash Mountain. I was in the very front and we got soaked. Thank goodness it was a nice day. We were fairly dry by the time it started to get chilly that evening.

Vegas Vacation

We flew to Vegas Dec. 30 to go to Grandma and Grandpa Toolson's house for vacation. We were in Vegas the 30th and 31st and then the 4th and 5th. We were at Disneyland in between but that story is for a separate blog. Erin and Spencer also came down, so all the boys got to play together for a whole week. It was such a blast!! Easton and Ryan are always partners in crime, and Luke and Andrew do their best to try and keep up. They are pretty entertaining.
This new New Year's Eve was about the most fun I can remember. We played games for awhile, but both Spencer and Scott got bored with that. So, as Lindsey, Allie (Lindsey sister) and Virginia (Lindsey's mom) engaged themselves in an intense game of Scattergories, Spencer and Scott found better entertainment and started sliding around on the tile floor that runs the length of the living room and kitchen at Grandma Toolson's house in their socks. At first it was a competition of who could slide the furthest, but then it turned into a game of catching mini marshmallows in their mouths as they slid across the floor, and it ended in sliding across the floor on their bellies. It also included a great deal of martinelli's and sugar.