Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Bowling

I had a great celebratory weekend of events for my 28th birthday. On Saturday, I went shopping with my mom, saw "Date Night" with Scott, and then enjoyed a lovely dinner in a great restaurant overlooking the Columbia River. On Sunday, we had a relaxed day of Stake Conference, and then my parents came down for dinner, presents, and birthday cake. Finally, on Monday, my real birthday, we decided to do McDonald's for dinner, and then went bowling. We haven't been as a family since Easton was about 15 months old, and I was about 2 weeks away from delivering Luke. We had a great time! Even Max enjoyed watching and hearing all the fun sounds of a bowling alley. It was a great birthday weekend! Normally, I would not extend my birthday events over this much time, but what do you do when your birthday falls on a Monday?!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New House Pictures

We finally got internet!!! So here are all of the pictures that people have been asking to see.

Master Bedroom


More office

Dining area


Laundry room

Living/Family Room

Max's Room

More of Max's room

Boys' room

More of the boys' room.

I took these pictures about 2 days after we moved in, so it has changed a little with pictures and such on the walls, and more items moved from the garage into a place of its own inside the house, but you get the idea.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week #10

It is finished! Well, basically finished, anyway. The construction is complete, and everything has passed inspection. We just completed our final walk through yesterday. There were a few minor things to resolve before we can move in, but hopefully they will be done soon, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get to close by mid-week, and move in next weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday part 2

Here are some fun pictures of Max on his birthday. He didn't have as much fun as his brothers did, but he definitely enjoyed the cake. A present for Max, in this family, is a present for all.

Max's official stats:
Height: 30 inches (58%)
Weight: 20 lbs. 11 oz. (16% - A far cry from 70% 6 months ago)
Head: 46 cm. (27% - my smallest by far)

Monday, April 5, 2010

All about #1

Today is Max's First Birthday!!! Exactly a year ago, after the second Sat. session of General Conf., I started to have some regular contractions. They just felt like my usual Braxton Hicks, so I sent Scott off to Preisthood session. Luke had been throwing up for the previous 24 hours, and still had a high fever, so I was kind of hoping that my contractions would fade away like all the times before. They did not! By the time Scott returned home, my contractions were every 2 minutes, and getting a little stronger. I called up the babysitter, and then we called up our Bishop to help Scott give Luke a blessing. Then we headed to the hospital at about 9pm. I felt silly, just strolling up the ER entrance like it was nothing, and I was sure the nurses were going to send me home for not being in "real" labor. Once they checked me in, I was dilated to 5cm., and my contractions were indeed 2-3 minutes apart. I was there to stay.

Scott and I walked around the halls for a half hour, smiling and laughing. The nurses finally got me back in bed to check me again, because they said I was too happy to be in real labor, and they wanted to see if I was progressing at all. Well, silly nurses, I was then dilated to 7cm. They called my doctor, but he was lazy and didn't want to come in the middle of the night to break my water, so I sat there, doing nothing. My water never breaks on its own. At 1am I decided to get the epidural, just because I chickened out of another natural labor like Luke's. Then we slept for about 6 hours, all the while sitting at 8cm and the contractions basically dying out.

Around 7:30am, family started to call because they thought something was either wrong, or we had forgotten to call and tell them that we had the baby. Neither was the case. My doctor came and broke my water and then said he'd go back to his office and wait. I told him he'd better not go far cause this isn't going to take very long. He listened, and stayed, and sure enough, about 30 minutes later I was pushing. The pushing was a hoot! We'd watch the monitor, or I'd concentrate to feel a contraction coming, and then push, push, push, stop. Then we'd all chat and giggle, waiting for the next contraction to come along. We did this 4-5 times, and then beautiful Maxwell Toolson Pingel came into this world. He was a lovely 7lbs. 2oz. and 20 inches long. Needless to say, we missed all of the Sunday sessions of conference last April. I think we had a pretty good excuse, don't you?

One year later, these are a few tidbits about our loveable, huggable Max:

Weight: approx. 21.5 lbs.
Length: approx. 29.5 inches
Hair color: dirty blond, or light brown color
Eyes: brown, brown, and more brown

Things he can do: clap everytime we say "yeah!", crawl up and sometimes down stairs, walk along furniture, reach and grab anything he can from tables, scrunch and sniff his nose, give kisses, and just be too cute.

Likes: Pulling off his pants, playing with his brothers, playing with tupperware, opening drawers and cabinets, tugging on cords and wires, banging on windows, playing with his brothers, getting tickled, fuzzy blankets, and food.

Dislikes: strangers who make faces at him, adults who he loves walking out of the room that he is in, getting dressed, changing his diaper, basically anything that requires he be still for more than 10 seconds, trying to make him walk, and waiting for food.

We love our Max, and we're so glad that he is in our family! Happy 1st Birthday!

My Easter Bunnies

Sunday morning was full of surprises in our house. First, the Easter bunny came with baskets, and eggs to find. Second, Grandma and Grandpa returned home from their cruise. Max just didn't know what to do with himself when he saw his Grandpa. He crawled over to him as fast as he could, making delighted squeals and sqeaks along his way.

The boys loved hunting for eggs, and even Max found two. He loved to shake the one filled with candy, and tried to eat the hard-boiled one.

Then we enjoyed watching the rest of General Conference. Overall, it was a fabulous Easter weekend.