Sunday, January 25, 2009

January thus far

This month doesn't seem to go by fast enough. Ever since Christmas ended, each day feels like an eternity, but probably it just seems that way because I'm approaching the last few months of my pregnancy. On the 9th, Scott turned 28! We celebrated by having a fabulous dinner at PF Changs, and then went shopping for some new clothes for him. I finally hit the 3rd trimester, and everything is so far so good, but the real test will be the month of February. I went on bed rest with Luke at 28.5 weeks, and with Easton at 29.5 weeks. Currently I am barely past 27 weeks. Wish me luck!! Finally, this weekend my Dad was able to come and spend a few days with us. The boys enjoyed wrestling with him, playing with trains and crashing them, reading books, watching him fix our cars, and making a wooden bird house and tool box with him. It was a great weekend with Grandpa.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Buds!

Our boys are so cute, and they fight like most siblings, but they love each other so much and are each other's best friend. Look at how we found them asleep last night. So darling! I wanted to crawl in and cuddle with them too! (This isn't the 1st time its happened either).

6 years of wedded bliss!

Our anniversary was on the 27th of December and it has been a wonderful 6 years. Scott is an amazing husband and father and I couldn't imagine life being any better than the way we have it. Scott took me to the Pacific Northwest production of the Nutcracker and it was fantastic. (I think he even enjoyed it a little). Take a look at what we've accomplished in 6 years:

1. We've lived in 3 states, and had 6 different addresses.
2. We've had 3 beautiful boys and are about to embark on boy #4.
3. We've completed 2 Bachelor degrees and 1 Masters (Scott still thinks there is a PhD in the future, but ask me how I feel about that).
4. And we're still waiting for our marriage to "get difficult", but with all we've been through so far, I don't know if it ever will (knock on wood).