Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The dress. (So pretty!)

The bracelet.

Ginny and her namesake.

The whole gang.

The back of the dress.

Ginny was blessed on Sunday in church by Scott. It was so nice having both Grandpas in the circle. She wore a beautiful white dress that my mom made for her, and then I made her a bracelet with crystal and aquamarine beads (her birthstone). She looked so pretty, and then we all ate a delicious, and large, lunch after church at our house.

Friday, May 27, 2011

2 Months

This sweet little girl is already 2 months old. We can hardly believe it! I just packed away all of her NB size clothes yesterday and it was a sad day. I'm so glad that she came a little early and was really small. That way she'll stay small longer than normal. She is doing good eating and has chunked up quite a bit. We think she is around 8 pounds now. She is also more alert, and has started to really smile at us. It is just too precious. We even think she is cute at 4am when she thinks it is time to play. We just love this little girl so much!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Can you tell?

Can you tell that I made this?
Can you tell that I got the pieces for it at Goodwill?
Can you tell that I only paid $6.25 for it?

Do you like my new cake plate/stand-up platter?
(p.s. I didn't "make it"-make it, but I used some extra strength durable silicone glue to put a crystal candle stick and this fancy crystal platter together to make it a cake stand. And no, I didn't come up with this idea myself, but I saw it on the Rachael Ray show. Cute, huh?!)

Deal of the week

Here is another awesome coupon story! I got these products at RiteAid.

Original Price: $33.12

Sale Price + coupons: $8.27

Total savings: 75%!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Over the last 2-3 months, I have started to coupon again. I don't have many options here in Hermiston, but I like Safeway and RiteAid's deals. I've been able to combine coupons and rewards to get packs of diapers essentially for free, and I am saving almost 40-60% each time at the grocery store. At my last Safeway visit I was able to get:

*2 pkgs. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty bars

*1 cake mix

*3 pkgs. Safeway Applesauce cups

*6 jars 18 oz. Safeway Peanut Butter

*3 boxes Kelloggs Frosted Flakes cereal

*2 boxes Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal

*2 boxes Ziploc Gallon size bags

All for $21.27! It was originally priced at $52.91, for a total of 60% savings. It isn't a whopping 99% savings like those on the show Extreme Couponing, but I think its a pretty good deal. I'm getting better at it, and it makes me so happy to be saving money.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls' Weekend

Both of my sisters were able to come for a weekend to meet Ginny. It was so good to be together again.

My older sisters' daughter, Lucy, loved her new cousin. And this was my first time meeting Lucy, as well. She was born in October. She is such a smiley and happy baby!

The whole gang together again!

We all ate out at Anthony's on the river to celebrate my parents' recent anniversary, and just being together again. We haven't all been together in two years! Thankfully, we'll all be reunited again over Christmas.

(Big Lucy and Little Ginny)

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, shopping, and more shopping. It was great! The babies were so good for us, and a big shout out to our husbands who stayed with the rest of the kids for the weekend so that we could have some much needed girl time.

And to top off the weekend, we all got to take a spin around the block on my dad's new ride. It was such a good weekend. I wish my sisters lived closer so we could do this more often.