Thursday, January 31, 2013


We were so excited to have a white Christmas.  Ginny was a fan of the snow, until she was soaked all the way through.  I was not prepared and didn't have any snow gear for her.

Melting my heart: making their own snowman this year, and I didn't have get cold and wet to help them.  I loved watching them do their own thing from inside my warm house.

Ginny's new invention: the snow mower.

Semi-completed snowman.  Later they added a hat, and toy rakes as his hands.  I love that this kept them busy and outside for a whole hour.  They did an awesome job on their very own snowman! 

Christmas part 2

Our poor kiddos didn't even have time to play with their presents after we opened them, because we stayed in our pajamas and went to my parents' house for round two of gift opening.   We ate yummy cinnamon rolls, and a breakfast casserole.  Then we opened presents!  We stayed there all day playing and eating.  It was a wonderful Christmas!
Is Easton excited?!

Ginny's new sparkly TOMS from Aunt Allie.


To go in her new Princess Castle!
More legos!  Does life get any better?

Merry (late) Christmas!!

Christmas part 1

I don't know why I stress out every year that I am not getting my kids enough for Christmas.  They always love whatever they get, and have plenty, as you can see.
Dinosaurs for Max.

Hulk gloves for Luke.

Max never ceases to entertain us.

My only "to me, love me, from me" gift this year.  Thanks to my husband who wrapped them for me.

So excited about legos this year!

Awesome!  Samarai Castle!

Ginny slept through the first part of Christmas morning, so she opened her presents after everyone else.  A cute new purse.
Chillaxin' in her new "backpack" chair.  (She says backpack for anything Dora related).


I know this is more than a month behind, but life gets busy!  So here is our Christmas update.
All dressed up for Christmas sunday.  Don't you love Ginny's faux fur?

After church, we went to my parents' house for dinner and to decorate our gingerbread houses with Aunt Allie.  Its now a tradition. 

Just a silly picture, but this is what happens when you leave Max alone with a barbie.  Oh, dear!

On Christmas Eve, my parents and Allie came down to our house for a movie, and our traditional stew dinner.  Then we read the Christmas story from the scriptures, sang some songs, and then opened one present.  Ginny was excited this year to open up presents.  She thought it was very amuzing that everyone was staring at her and giving their full attention. 

Luke was not happy about opening up Christmas Eve pajamas, so he is not in this picture.  Instead he was in his room throwing a huge tantrum, because he wanted to open up a real present, and not "stupid pajamas!"

Luke finally came to his senses once he saw that they were Angry Bird pajamas, and joined us for a lovely picture in front of our Christmas tree.

But this is how our family usually looks!