Friday, December 30, 2011

9 and 9

Scott and I just celebrated our 9th Anniversary! We had a lovely evening of dinner and a movie. There isn't much else to tell about that, except that we still love each other after 9 years!

But one cute little girl in our family just turned 9 months. She is lots more fun to talk about and take pictures of. Here are some notable things about the last couple of months:

*Still no teeth!
*Mastering the finger food thing.
*Crawling and leaving no corner of our house unexplored.
*Pulling herself up to standing!!! Ahh, she is too small for these things!
*Still giggles for her silly brothers everyday.
*Weighs 14 pounds and is just under 26 inches. (Itty-bitty!)

Christmas Countdown

Here is a list of all the stuff we did over Christmas break, because that is too many pictures to load onto my blog.

*Decorated 2 Christmas trees (ours and my parents)
*Decorated sugar cookies (twice)
*Watched one school Christmas concert
*Saw Santa (3 times!)
*Watched 2 light show displays
*Decorated Gingerbread houses
*Went bowling
*Played at the arcade
*Watched Christmas movies
*Went on a Jingle Bell walk
*Delivered goodies to neighbors and friends
*Saw 2 reindeer (I believe it was Prancer and Dancer)
*Acted out the Nativity
*Opened presents (twice)
*Had one family portrait session
*Attended an awesome Sacrament meeting
*Celebrated a wonderful Christmas with my whole family!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shovelling Snow

Shovelling snow is serious business!