Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day Weekend

We got a lot done this weekend, despite the bad weather and Ginny feeling crummy all weekend long.

*We started the repainting job of our office. All we got done was the creamy white base coat, but next we will be doing the horizontal stripes in a really nice gray color. (Sorry Jerry, no more paint splotches!)

*The garden is almost finished! We inserted the rest of the tubing so that we can install a drip irrigation system, and then we put down some stepping stones and river rock all around the garden beds. I can't wait for spring!

*Ginny got her first tooth!

*The word is out in the Hermiston Stake that I sing. Guess who has now been asked to sing 4 different solos over the next two months?

*Ginny has taken a course from Professor Max in "How to be a menace". Thankfully, she isn't walking yet, or I'm sure it would be a whole lot worse.

*Back-tracking, we had a wonderful family Valentines Day. Scott got me flowers and chocolate, and I got him McDonald's certificates. We ate a nice dinner of heart-shaped pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, red jello, and red juice. It was delicious!

*We also, finally, had gutters installed on our house. Now our poor friends won't get drenched when they try to come up to our front door when it is raining.

I'm always sad when a 3-day weekend is over. Back to the daily grind!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Its been a while since I've posted, but we finally had a noteworthy weekend, so I'll share a little in this post.

*With the winter comes awesome weekends to get things done around my house. We've finally finished painting the living room area, and it feels more like home. Good luck to the people who buy our house someday when they try to paint over the red. But, oh well, I love it!

*Easton got a faux-hawk, and he looks super cool!

*Ginny's first tooth is about to make its appearance. Probably over the next 2 days or so.

*We watched the super bowl, and my parents came down to visit. Its funny that we live so close, but haven't seen each other in about a month. Obviously, the kids weren't into the football game as much, so they watched a movie in the other room.

*Scott and I have begun doing bodyrock! It kicks our trash on a daily basis. If you don't know what it is, check it out at bodyrock.tv

*I'm also playing in a city volleyball league with a couple of girls from my ward and stake. Its lots of fun, but they are late games. We start at 9:30pm, and so I usually don't get to bed until midnight on game nights.

*Max is starting to get the hang of sacrament meeting after almost 3 years of attending. We only had to take him out twice on Sunday, a new record.

*Easton won another award at school. Go figure!

*Ginny has become quite the mama's girl, and cries when I hand her over to Scott, especially when she is hungry or tired. It is sometimes a pain when I need to get something done, but it is also kind of nice, because Scott was the definite favorite with all of our boys during this stage.