Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Because They're Cute!!

Easton loves to sing songs, even when he doesn't know the words. He has gotten a few of the primary songs down pretty good though and "I am a child of God" is by far his favorite. I must say I have high hopes of being able to do musical numbers with my boys in church someday. Also, Luke got a vacuum for his birthday back in October but up until this week he hasn't been able to use it (balance I guess). But now he loves it and whips it out especially when we are doing our vacuuming too. He is such a good little helper!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Size Matters!

At least I got your attention! I've been working out for 6 weeks now hoping to find dramatic results on the scales and to get that pre-baby weight back (not just from Luke but from the 2 others I had as well)! I've only lost 2 pounds!! Its been so depressing, wondering whats going on, and am I going to have to succomb and change my diet too if I want results?! (Never!! Chocolate is my very best friend!!) But I'm so glad I did this; when I first started working out I took all of my measurements from head to toe, and today when I compared them I was amazed at what I found. I may have only lost 2 measly pounds, but I lost 2 inches in my waist, 1.5 inches in my hips, and 2 inches in my thighs!! So all you ladies who groan when you look at the scale, take the measurements!! You'll be so delightedly surprised! And thank you Scott who always told me I was looking better and better as time went on and I never believed him. I guess I just needed the physical proof for myself because mirrors and scales can be decieving. I've got the best hubby in the world!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Favorite Questions Asked

Whenever I go out with the boys, I am astounded on how unoriginal people's comments and questions are towards me and the boys. No matter what they are wearing, doing, saying, etc., I get the same questions/comments wherever I go.

This is how the order of questions usually follows:

1. Are they twins? (No they are not twins! I really don't get this one, but it seems to be the favorite!) I even had one guy who has twins himself comment on how they looked like twins.

2. How far apart are they? When I say 16 months, they usually give me the look of "you are crazy, woman" or "have you no self control?!"

3. Did you plan that? Yes we planned that! Most people have to pick their jaws up off the floor when they find out it was not an accident that my kiddos are this far apart.

There you have it! I have to mentally prepare myself to not scream at these people or to comment back rudely. I usually just smile and give a faint giggle as if to let them feel like this is the first time I have ever been asked these questions and that they are in no way semi-insulting.
I love that my boys are 16 months apart. I kid you not when I say it was so hard at first, but now they constantly have a friend to play with, laugh together often, look out for one another, and my personal favorite: they take naps at the same time! Most people with 2+ kids do not get that luxury because one still takes 2 naps or the older child no longer takes naps at all. Actually, Scott informed me that he wants another 2 kids this far apart. Now who's the crazy one?!