Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Shower!

I've never expected to have a shower for each of my boys, especially since I don't ever really need much with hand-me-downs and all, but I've always had some awesome friends who insist, and I'm so grateful for them. It was a fun gathering of my friends from church and we got a lot of useful items, including some things just for me (lotions, body wash, chocolate, etc.). A big thank you for everyone who came, and especially my wonderful friends and visiting teachers who threw the shower for me. Don't you love the picture of me shoving my face full of was delicious!

Funny Boys

We haven't showcased our boys on the blog in a while so I thought I'd let you know what they've been up to. Easton is very much into make-believe play these days and I get a kick out of overhearing his little scenes he acts out with his trains, cars, or animals. Luke likes to join in too sometimes and they have a grand time. Lately he has been acting out scenes from "The Land Before Time" with his dinosaurs and it goes something like this: "Mother, where are you mother? I'm not afraid anymore!" "Come on Sarah, where are you?" "I'm a long-neck because I have a long neck." Luke loves to sing songs and also does a little make-believe too, but likes to pretend that we are other people. He'll ask "Whats your name?" I'll answer "Mommy" and then he'll say "No, you're Snuffy, and I'm Elmo." We love our boys and can't wait for them to have another little playmate, just as long as they play nice with him. p.s. Luke got a little distracted during his song trying to pick something off the bottom of his foot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March goals!

Well, I'm at least glad that I didn't have my baby before my sister had hers on March 1st, but we do have a few last goals to meet before its time for baby to arrive. First is to make it to next Wednesday, the 11th, because Scott will be out of town for 3 days and won't be home until that evening. No babies without the Daddy! Next is the 14th, because thats when I had Easton (34 weeks) and it wasn't pleasant leaving my baby in the NICU for 3 weeks. Then it will be the 18th for my next appt., the 21st for my baby shower that my nice friends are giving me, and last will be the 27th when I will officially be 36 weeks and I can deliver at my hospital without being shipped off to the larger hospital and without them trying to stop my labor. We're almost there I can taste it!! But really, anytime in April that this baby arrives will be perfect!! (Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I'm nearly 33 weeks and me and my doctor couldn't be more pleased. Everything is going great!)