Saturday, April 27, 2013

Goodbye Hermiston, Hello Dayton

On April 17th, we finished packing up our lovely home, and loaded the Uhaul truck.  It was weird to say final goodbyes to our friends, and it was definitely weird to leave our home completely empty.  It will take a while to not think of it as our home anymore.
All packed and ready to go!
One last picture in our house.

 We spent the night at my parents and the next day we drove to Dayton.  Our new ward welcomed us with open arms, and we had the rest of the weekend to get settled and unpacked.  We enjoyed getting to know Dayton a little better, and I am liking how cute and small it is. 
The Elementary school.

Walking through downtown Dayton.

The footbridge at the end of town.

The beautiful? Yamhill River.

Enjoying the ride.

Cute downtown Dayton.

On Sunday, we walked from our apartment to the other end of Dayton and back, in about 45 min.  Scott walks to work, the kids have walked to school once and look forward to next year when I will let the bike to school, we walk to the park, to the library, the post office, etc.  Everything in downtown Dayton is less than a mile and easy walking distance.  Easton and Luke started school on Monday, and have made an easy transition and made friends already.  Scott is loving his job, and I am getting used to everything, and have already made some potential friends in the ward, too.  So, it was sad to let go of the life we had in Hermiston, but we are excited for our new adventure and life here in Dayton.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Max is 4!

For the last 2 months, Max has been asking me, "Can I be 4 now?"  And now he is!!  He wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday party.  We had a party with his preschool group, and they all got masks and turtle shells (thanks Pinterest) and played some fun games and ate Turtle cupcakes.  We waited for Scott to come home for the weekend to celebrate his actual birthday.  He got tons of Ninja Turtle toys and gear, more legos, and other fun boy toys.  He is our fun-loving, crazy, wild, adventurous, all-boy, cute and cuddly 4 year old now.  Our family would be a lot more dull without Max.