Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving down in Utah this year. We spent an entire week with Scott's whole family and Lindsey's sister. We even drove down! Total time driving to Utah is 14 hours, and we made it, even without a dvd player. The week went by too fast for us and now we are sad to have to go back home tomorrow. The boys enjoyed every single moment outside with their cousins and the dogs and horses. They had a blast, and came inside every night cold and filthy, it was great! We were sure thankful to have a huge group to spend Thanksgiving with, and especially thankful that Scott's enire family was able to come.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

Lindsey had her second trimester ultrasound yesterday, and it's a boy!! We got some great ultrasound pictures. It always makes it so much more real, at least for the father, to finally see the baby moving around and kicking and such. And he was definitely doing some kicking and moving around for us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. Scott

Today I started my "17 Alphahydroxy Progesterone" injections. Scott has to administer these to me once a week. He does a really good job, but is always nervous to stick his poor wife with a needle. He has a steady hand though and it doesn't even hurt. He is well on his way to a medical degree! I had these injections with Luke too, and it is to prevent preterm labor, although I didn't start them with Luke until after I had preterm labor. They are supposed to reduce the risk of going into preterm labor by 40%, which for me is significant enough to give it a go! We'll see how this medication actually does for me as a preventative medication, time will only tell. The only downside to these injections is that its a fairly new drug, and so isn't covered by insurance yet, and it doesn't run very cheap either. But we were lucky to find a pharmacy in the area who makes it, instead of having to pay top dollar for a huge pharmaceutical company to make it and ship it to me (this way we are saving about 90%). Everyone keep their fingers crossed that this will do the trick and I won't have to go through my usual pregnancy drama at all. I can only imagine!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's All in the Name

Out of the blue a few days ago, Easton decided he wanted to be a baseball player. He watched a bit of the baseball playoffs and World Series with Scott over the last few weeks, but no more than usual. As Lindsey and Scott were conversing at the dinner table, Easton pulled out his make-shift bat (he used the pole part of the toy where you stack the rings up) and one of his little balls and decided he was ready to swing away. Imagine Scott's joy in seeing his son's new found skills! Enjoy the video.

Happy Halloween

Halloween was really fun this year. Easton was a cowboy and Luke was Pooh Bear. Easton loved telling everyone that he was a cowboy "yeehah!!" Halloween seemed to last for a whole week this year. The week before Halloween, we had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat, then Easton had a Halloween party for Joy School where all the kids dressed up and did a Halloween program. They even did a parade. And then we took them Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night. Easton was all about it this year. He ran from house to house, while Luke, on the other hand, wanted to eat his candy as we went, so we were mostly dragging him along. Since the Halloween season lasted so long for us this year, the trick is getting the boys to understand that Halloween is over.