Monday, October 29, 2007

Gramma and Grampa Pingel's Visit

Gramma and Grampa Pingel visited this last weekend, and we a great time. Besides being there to wake up with the kids in the morning, I also got to take a day off. It was so great!! Friday, we drove around to Bremerton to take the Ferry across the Puget Sound to Seattle, so the first time Karen and Jerry got to see and enter Seattle was from the water. Driving through Bremerton is always cool because you drive by a Navy Shipyard and see all the old aircraft carriers and ships. They had a great time on the Ferry ride, awing over the beauty of the Seattle area. We went to Pike Place Market first, and they got to see them throw the fish and put on the show at the Fish Market. From there we went to the Westlake Center Mall and took the Monorail over to the Seattle Center to see Key Arena and the Space Needle. Saturday morning, Lindsey entertained us all with her interpretive dances to Pat Benetar songs on Jerry's iPod (Yep, Jerry has Pat Benetar on his iPod). Once we got out of the house we went up to the UW campus and then over to the Temple in Bellevue. It was fun to show Gramma and Grampa the floating bridges across Lake Washington, and the boys always have a great time driving through tunnels under Mercer Island on the way to Bellevue.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Easton the Comedian

Easton is baffling us with his verbal knowledge these days and is starting to say and do the darndest things. One day I was pretty much fed up with him and put him in his room for him to simmer down, when I noticed that it got really quiet. I went to check on him to see if he fell asleep or something, but instead he had the laundry basket on like a back pack and Elmo underwear on his head. When I asked what he was doing, he exclaimed "Big boy Easton, Elmo hat!" He can't pull them on and off, but he can get them on his head?! At the Mall that same evening, I accidently stepped on the back of his shoe, causing it to come off. He said "Mommy, careful shoe!" Now today, Sunday, Luke was crying because he wanted his sippy cup and Easton yelled at him "Shut your mouth!" (Oops, I wonder where he got that from!) We've got to be more careful with what we say around this kid, because he is bound to repeat it somewhere, hopefully not in front of people we know!

Luke is "One"derful

Luke turned one on Sunday the 14th. He had plenty of presents to open from all of his grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, and of course mommy and daddy. We just had a small party for him that evening when our friends, the Watsons, and my sister Erin and her family came over for cake and ice cream. He loved the cake!! He had a great time, even though he had no idea what was going on. Easton had a blast too, but couldn't figure out why Luke was opening all of "his" presents.