Thursday, September 30, 2010

News Flash!

We are expecting another sweet Pingel baby to grace our household in April 2011!

To answer the questions, here you go:

*Are you hoping for/were you trying for a girl? Absolutely not! The church tells us not to gamble. But honestly, we are completely fine with another boy (way less expensive at this point).

*How are you feeling? Like poo that someone stepped in. I am always like this for the first 4 months or so. I am just happy for the moments I get to rest on the couch, and for the days that all the food stays down. I'm on the downward slope now, and it should be over soon, hopefully.

*Is this your last one? I'd like to say yes, but never say never. Put it this way: after we have this one, and we don't have another one in about 5-10 years, then we are probably done. (p.s. Do not ask this question to someone in their 1st trimester, or last 2 months of pregnancy, because the answer will most likely be a firm "YES! I'm never doing this again!")

Thursday, September 23, 2010

18 months old

Okay, so Max isn't 18 months old for another two weeks, but he had his Dr. appt. today, so I thought I'd post while the info is still fresh in my mind. Max has graduated from being a baby, into looking like a little boy. He had a big growth spurt and is now in the 60% for both height and weight.

Here are some things we love about this little boy:

*His blonde hair!
*His big brown eyes. (The feature that everyone notices first).
*His laugh. It is never loud, but sweet and between his teeth.
*His love of games, especially peek-a-boo and chase-around-the-table.
*His never-ending energy.
*His love of his older brothers. He follows them around and wants to do everything they do.
*All things new to him. I love watching him explore something for the first time, or study and observe something so intently. It must be an amazing world for an 18 month old!

Things he can do:

*Walk backwards and spin in circles. (Newly discovered talents).
*Say 15-20 words.
*Sit nicely at the table like a big boy to eat some of his meals.
*Climb onto everything!
*Jump; both on the floor and the trampoline.
*Drive his mom crazy with the "never-ending energy".
*Give the best snuggles before and after naps. I would let this little boy be permanently attached to my shoulder if he wanted it that way.

Happy 18 months to my little boy Max!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Vacation

We decided to take one last summer trip and go to Utah. We left on Thursday when Easton got home from school. The trip was going great and we had finally made it to Orem around midnight, when some crazy guy lost control of his vehicle and side-swiped us on the highway. Thankfully, Scott was able to control the car and we didn't hit any other traffic, and no one was injured. It sure scared our boys who were asleep, but they were able to calm down, and an hour after the crash, we finally made it to Scott's parents' house.

On Friday, we went to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Grady. We had a great time, and the Bird show was a hit. The rest of the weekend, we played outside, swam in the kiddie pool, played with the animals, and had fun with family.