Monday, November 16, 2009

Lazy Mondays

The only day of the week that I don't work is Monday. That is when Scott goes over to volunteer for the city of Richland. Every other day of the week I wake up at 6am, quickly get ready for the day, eat a hearty breakfast, and then I'm out the door around 7am. But, sadly, on Mondays, I don't do much. I stay in PJ's for about half the day, some Mondays I justify that there is no need to shower, no makeup is applied, I spend about 3 hours on the computer catching up for the week and blogging (Notice today is Monday), and let my kids just hang out and watch TV. The only thing I do get accomplished on Monday is the laundry, and maybe make a really good dinner that requires some effort. Ahh, think of everything that I could get done if I had the same drive on Mondays, that I have on all the rest of the days of the week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Activity time and a 7 month old

Recently, since Scott has been the one at home hanging out with the kids all day, he came up with his own routine to get him through the day. He got sick of the kids just free-playing all day long, and erupting into fights and tears, so he made up 'Activity Time'. Many of you Moms might already do this with your kids, but I was quite impressed that my husband thought of this wonderful solution to the day. For an hour each day before Easton goes to school, we whip out the crayons, markers, file folder games, white board, scissors, workbooks, etc., and do actual learning activities. Easton loves to trace his letters and practice cutting out shapes with his scissors, and Luke loves playing the file folder games and sounding out words with Dad using the white board. It really has tamed them for that hour of the day and is a great transition for Easton to get ready to go to school. Each day is different, but any time our boys hear "Let's do activity time!", they immediately drop whatever they are doing and run into the kitchen because they are so excited for what is in store.

On a side note, I forgot to mention my little Max's accomplishments for this last month when he approached 7 months.
*He still gives us the happiest smile, with little sound, and continues to be the "happiest baby" in the ward.
*He has now found his own bedroom in the computer room because HE KNOWS when he is in the same room as mom and dad during the night and will wake up ALL NIGHT LONG if he knows we are in the vicinity. Hallelujah for wakeless nights!
*He now has his 2 bottom teeth, and I'm sure his 2 top teeth are not far behind.
*He can sit up for extended periods, but still has a hard time maintaining it all by himself without pillows behind him. It must be hard to balance that much weight on such a little body.
*He still laughs hardest for his brothers and will be the happiest boy in the world if he sits amongst them while they play and chews on one of their toys.
*I'm guessing he weighs over 18 pounds now, which I think Easton weighed at a year old.
*He is SO NOT a cuddler. If you hold him on your hip, he will balance his body away from yours, because he does not want to cling on or hug on you. Oh well, we still have Luke who wants to cuddle, all day long.
*Max has also invented a new toy out of an old one. He rocks his Exersaucer like a rocking horse and he loves it! Sometimes he'll get going really good and I'm afraid he'll tip it over.

Can you tell we love our boys, or what?!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conversations with a 4 year old

Easton has become quite entertaining and very inquisitive lately. Here are how some of our conversations have gone:

Easton: "That is a big moon."
Me: "When it is a circle like that, it is called a Full Moon."
Easton: "And sometimes, moons are shaped like bananas."

Easton: (looking at a skeleton) We have lots of bones in our bodies.
Me: Yes, we do have a lot of bones.
Easton: And sometimes people don't have bones.
Me: No, everyone has to have bones, or else we couldn't walk.
Easton: Yeah, if you don't have bones you turn into jello.

(Max is screeching on the floor)
Easton: Mom, why are babies so loud? (He said this with a very annoyed tone of voice.)

We have also recently read a book about a little black girl in the 50's era, in the south with segragation. She talks about why she doesn't get why she can't sit in the front of the bus, or sit on a park bench, or even go into certain restaurants. Easton has some cute little black friends in his preschool class. So we discussed how, a long time ago, his friends wouldn't have been able to sit with him on the bus, or maybe go to school with him just because they have dark skin. This made him very sad, but I told him its okay now, and isn't he glad that he gets to play with Ruth and Jeremiah at school (their names). Well, today he recalled this as he got ready for school.

Easton: There are three friends that have dark skin.
Me: Yeah.
Easton: And there are lots of friends who don't have dark skin.
Me: Okay.
Easton: And the friends with dark skin have to sit in the back of the bus.
Me: Oh no, Easton! Thats what USED to happen. They can sit wherever they want to now, isn't that nice!
Easton: Yeah!

So obviously, this was too large of a concept to teach to my 4 year old, but he is getting it.......sort of. We might have to reteach some of this, so he doesn't say anything questionable at school to his teacher or to his friends.

Anyway, Easton has very funny things to say, and he is so serious when he talks, and we love that he is growing up to be such a cute and wonderful big kid.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

She's so lucky!

This has been my lucky week. First I won 2 tickets to Disney on Ice from the local radio station in a drawing, then Luke won the costume contest at the Ward Halloween party, and my mom's Chili won 2nd place at the party, when we had only decided to cook it a half hour before. Well, we just won again yesterday!! My mom and I took my kids to the Halloween Costume Contest at Fred Meyer, which ended up not even being a contest, but just another drawing. I guess you had to have your costume on to enter the drawing though. Well, guess who was the 1st person they call out, yep, little Peter Pan himself, Luke! We won a $25 gift card to Fred Meyer (free Christmas presents!!). I can't believe all of this happened in one week! I never win anything, but I guess, never say never!

On another note, Luke and Easton enjoyed Trick or Treating last night, but got pooped out after the 10th house and were asking "Can we go home now?" Well, we did head home, but we made them keep knocking on doors all the way home. Aren't we mean parents! But the sad thing is now we have an insane amount of candy in the house. The kids got candy from the ward party, from Fred Meyer, trick or treating, and my mom only had about 6 trick or treaters because they are basically the only house on the new block, and there aren't even street lights on up here yet. Guess what this nursing mom is fasting from today?