Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Max is 4!

For the last 2 months, Max has been asking me, "Can I be 4 now?"  And now he is!!  He wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday party.  We had a party with his preschool group, and they all got masks and turtle shells (thanks Pinterest) and played some fun games and ate Turtle cupcakes.  We waited for Scott to come home for the weekend to celebrate his actual birthday.  He got tons of Ninja Turtle toys and gear, more legos, and other fun boy toys.  He is our fun-loving, crazy, wild, adventurous, all-boy, cute and cuddly 4 year old now.  Our family would be a lot more dull without Max.

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Arritt said...

Cute cute Max! What a big boy he is now. I'm so sad you guys are moving away so soon!