Monday, July 1, 2013

June Highlights

The month of June was one of the shortest, but also one of the longest months.  Short, because we did so much, and now all of a sudden it is July. Long, because we waited an eternity, or so it seemed, to move into our new house. 

We started off the month with Easton's 8th birthday.  He wanted a lego party. Easy enough! I made a cute lego head cake, and we played some lego games.  The boys had so much fun and Easton was thrilled with all of his lego presents.  He gets baptized this weekend, and he is loving scouts.  Being 8 really is great!

School ended on the 12th, and Luke graduated from Kindergarten. He was the tallest kid in all 3 classes, and when he went up to receive his diploma, the teacher announced that he wanted to be an Astronaut and a Marine Biologist when he grows up. Luke really does shoot for the moon!

We did some touring of our area. On the Saturday before Father's Day, we went to the zoo as a family. Then, the weekend after that, we took the kids to the Children's Museum down in Salem.  That place was huge with 3 houses of exhibits, and a gigantic outdoor playground.  We all had a blast, and then we finished off the day with a picnic at the riverfront park, and rides on the Carrousel.


Last week, my sister and her kids came to WA to visit my parents, and I brought all of my kids to join them for a few days.  They all loved playing with their cousins, but we had to cut our trip a little short, because I received a phone call at 6pm, that we were signing closing papers the next morning at 9am.  It was a quick pack-up of all our stuff at the last minute, and a 4 hour drive home until Midnight, just to be there to sign those papers!

We love our new house!!!! Still unpacking, and organizing (the kitchen is always the worst).  I will post pictures of it soon, I hope!

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