Friday, September 6, 2013

The House

Now that we've lived in our home for two months, I figure that it is now presentable to the world.  Here is the front of the house, with dirt, dirt, and more dirt. If you are thinking about buying a new build, get ready for lots of projects!

Front entry room/living room/computer room

Behind the front room is closet space and a powder room.

Family room and dining room.


The stairway is right at the front door, and essentially splits the upstairs in half. At the top of the stairs, if you turn right, you'll find the laundry room (no more dragging baskets up and down)....

Ginny's room....,

and the boys' room (a.k.a. the lego den).

If you turn left, you find the extra bathroom,.....

the extra, and almost completely empty bedroom,....

and the master bedroom.  Here is the master bath/closet.

and our huge bedroom. This picture only shows about 2/3 of the length of this room.  I don't know how I am going to fill up all the space yet, but I'm sure I'll have fun figuring it out.

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The Oylers said...

Cute house! Buying a house is so much fun and work all at the same time. You are way ahead of me and we've been here since February. I just can't make any decisions. Let us know if you are ever in town, we would love to see you.